website sale story [splitting]

When I started Technology Blogging for the first time, I did it because for the past 5 years I’ve liked this category and been running after news all over the tech atmosphere. things were fine for two years of tech-blogging and I was receiving a good salary every month from the adsense and everything was just like OK to me -but for comments because I never found the right way to make people comment on my posts [had over 6k daily visits]- untill I was sick of it an needed sometime to rest so I put the blog for sale and it was my biggest mistake ever!

Now let’s go into details, when I put the blog for sale I had alot of offers on my table from people who wanted a share or people who wanted to buy it, some of them was serious and some others wasn’t so I waited for the right opportunity and there was it.

A Jordanian male asked to buy the website and after some barging we agreed to do it for 8,000$, it was a good amount of money for me to rest and think clear for a new project, but the unthinkable happened and that man kept delaying the payments then after I received half of the money he came to me and said “I’m sorry but I put the other half of the money on another project and now we can partner.”

Of course I had to agree because there was no choice, but to be honest I was happy because I thought that we can double the work and form a team to run the blog more professionally and websites like theVerge and Engadget came to my mind! but I was totally wrong.

I was wrong because my partner was not the kind of partner I wished to have, he considered the website as an ATM machine that does nothing but gives money, and after a lot of talking I decided to let go the website and focus on other projects.

My advice: If you’re up to sell your website, do it in one step.


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