It takes money to make money

If you’re thinking of opening a new business or you have one already that needs some expansion. The title is my advice to you.


website sale story [splitting]

When I started Technology Blogging for the first time, I did it because for the past 5 years I’ve liked this category and been running after news all over the tech atmosphere. things were fine for two years of tech-blogging and I was receiving a good salary every month from the adsense and everything was just like OK to me -but for comments because I never found the right way to make people comment on my posts [had over 6k daily visits]- untill I was sick of it an needed sometime to rest so I put the blog for sale and it was my biggest mistake ever! Continue reading

Mobile blogging with WordPress n windows phone

This is the first time for me to use mobile blogging and it’s quite nice specially after WordPress updated their mobile app for windows phone to version 1.7.

For those who didn’t notice I have a lumia800 which runs on windows phone platform specifically version 7.5 and the writing experience with this handset is beautiful nice I made about 90 spelling mistake in the above paragraph and the WP corrector did it for me.

Something else about mobile blogging is that in normal blogging through your laptop you might get tired or bored, but in mobile blogging its quite fun and easy to do, and also you can blog anywhere with your mobile only and that’s something nice too. Thanks wordpress for the opportunity you gave me with your mobile app 🙂

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Hello World!

Of course I don’t know what to write on my first post in my first personal Blog, maybe I should write about the journey that led to this blog.

I’ve been planning to launch a personal blog long time ago, but I had some difficulties launching it..sometimes it’s the work and sometimes it’s just me being lazy to write about me!

but after thinking seriously about it I said to myself “give it a shot boy!” and here we go 🙂 so if there are anybody out there following me, or reading these words I’d like to say “don’t expect much!”